director nick frangione 



Nick Frangione studied under Sundance winning filmmaker Eric Escobar in San Francisco. With Eric's guidance Frangione experimented in short-film form followed by making his first independent feature film, ROXIE. Nick would pen the Roxie script and direct the film.

Roxie won Best Feature Film at the Bushwick International Film Festival in New York City, and was Official Selection for AMFM International Film Festival as well as the prestigious Sonoma International Film Festival. Tommy Cook, of Collider, had this to say of 'Roxie':

"'Roxie,' at its heart, is a tragedy about lives spent reliving the past, an unmasking of the harsh realities of time and aging, on the need for a real connection and how any false one inherently corrupts and leaves you bare. It's a how even the smallest of films can possess the greatest ambitions. It was, by far, the best film I saw during my stay at Sonoma."


In 2017, Nick directed BUCK RUN, an atmospheric drama set in his hometown of rural Pennsylvania starring James Le Gros (CERTAIN WOMEN), Kevin J. O'Connor (THERE WILL BE BLOOD), Amy Hargreaves (13 REASONS WHY), Alicia Goranson (ROSANNE), Jim Parrack (FURY), Angus Macfadyen (BRAVEHEART), and Nolan Lyons (BOARDWALK EMPIRE). Frangione infused the film with his own childhood experience, which closely resembled that of Buck Run's 15-year-old lead character, delicately exploring teen grief, life in small-town America, and the fallibility of parental love.